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There's a full moon in Sagittarius on June 17, which is major for your career. So much of your focus has been on your personal and home life, but you're totally focused on the spotlight at this time. Emotions about your goals and reputation come to the surface, and you may finally be releasing a project into the world, and it's giving you big feelings. This is an important time to consider the balance between your public and personal lives.

It might seem like it's not a big deal right now, but as you grow in fame and fortune, figuring out when to leave the office in the office and what things to keep private will become more important! Saturn connects with Neptune and Mercury meets Mars on June 18, creating a supportive energy—especially in your social life—and boosting your energy as you embark on a new creative project. It's also a juicy time for romance! But things get difficult as Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto on June 19; watch out for quick tempers, jealousy, and even manipulative behavior.

A situation that's been brewing suddenly reaches peak drama. Control issues are especially evident at this time. It's a good idea to bring in a third party to help mediate!

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Pay close attention to the conversations, plans, and ideas that come up between the start of Mercury's pre-retrograde shadow period on June 20 and the start of its retrograde on July 7. These themes—especially concerning love, creativity, and scheduling—will be reworked until July Neptune retrograde begins in your sign on June 21, so make extra time to rest. Be gentle with yourself, and nourish your soul with art, music, and fantasy.

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It's a great time for journaling and meditation. It's not a great time to binge watch horror movies or alien conspiracy documentaries because the energy can get paranoid, and it's truly not worth it, Pisces. Also on June 21, Cancer season begins! This is one of the funnest times of year for you, dear fish, as the sun illuminates the sector of your chart that rules celebrations, fertility, fun, love, and creativity—basically, all the best stuff! Things are especially dreamy as Venus opposes Jupiter on June 23 and squares off with Neptune on June 24, but watch out for over indulgences—things feel so good that it's easy to want more, more, more, and wake up the next day wondering why you overdid it!

Mercury enters fire sign Leo on June 26, helping you get organized and inspiring you to use that planner you bought because it was so cute, but that you never use because you've been too busy. Yes, Mercury retrograde is around the corner, so you'll erase and rewrite plenty of the items on your to-do list, but better that than losing track of time and your responsibilities. The month wraps up with the sun connecting with rebel Uranus on June 27, bringing unexpected news your way—a feeling of freedom is in the air!

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Enjoy every moment. Gemini's keywords for October: health crisis, health adjustment, work crisis, work adjustment, sex, love, dating, pleasure. A major turning point in your professional life is happening this month thanks to a Full Moon on October 13 landing at the top of your chart. This lunation brings power struggles in one respect, because your partner might try and control your success or your attachment to it. Don't worry about it too much though -- you're doing what you love and there are plenty of supporters helping you celebrate what you've earned. Family is a battlefield for most of October with Mars moving into your domestic sector on the 4th.

Do what you can to sidestep conflict with relatives. A DIY project around the house can discharge all of the pent-up frustration someone in your clan is feeling. Romance is a crazy, hot mess this month! Venus will be in your romance sector from October 8 until November 1, signaling the potential for new love. However, Venus will oppose Uranus on October 12, so it might be more of a sudden fling: exciting but not stable.

If you're in a relationship, there might be unexpected baby news.

Cancer's keywords for October: promotion, honor, award, recognition, fame, family drama, sex, baby, children, affair. Your mouth might get you into trouble this month, Leo.

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On the one hand, with Mars in your communication sector from October 4 until November 19, you'll feel plenty of courage to speak up for yourself and get what you want by sheer power of persuasion. At the same time, however, you'll need to be careful that you don't come across as intimidating. Your voice will surely pack a punch! Your domestic life and career might seem extremely chaotic in October, leaving you little room to enjoy romance. Your partner might feel destabilized because you just don't have any time for him or her and, if this happens, an erratic reaction is possible near October 12 when Venus opposes Uranus.

Still, you've got so many new beginnings possible in your domestic world thanks to a New Moon on the 27th.

They will require you to be open to doing things differently and you might need to adjust your expectations — especially if you want to regain your power in this area. Leo's keywords for October: smart mouth, brave communication, negotiation skills, career change, relocation, domestic bliss, partnership break, no time for fun. Debts are being cleared this month, Virgo, and guess what: it's going to feel amazing! You do have money going out due to a Full Moon on October 13 landing in the area of your chart that rules other people's money.

This suggests you're about to pay off a major loan or other chuck of money that belongs to someone else. This can be anything from a settlement payout to the IRS to paying off a credit card. Whatever this bill is, you're feeling joyful about getting rid of it so, yes, Virgo, congratulations!

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In other news, communication might be erratic and, if there is any information you're keeping to yourself, you might start to become even more secretive. On October 31, Mercury turns retrograde in your message sector and stealthy Scorpio. Your top-secret approach might begin to wear on your relationships with others -- especially your lover.

He or she might be convinced you're hiding something. Are you?

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Virgo's keywords for October: money, debt, bills, expenses, clearing debt, secret information, quiet, shrewd. There is a definite change happening in your love life this month, Libra. A Full Moon in your 7th House of Partnerships on October 13 will help you clear the air with your mate if things have been tense lately.

Or, it's possible that you'll decide it's time to walk away from this connection because you've done everything possible to make things work. The problem? It's domestic, of course.

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This has been the sticking point in your relationship for far too long. One of you might be tired and no longer willing to put work into the relationship. Financial matters are also a key theme in October with radical changes happening at every turn. Venus moves into your earned income sector on October 8, opening up a window until November 1 of enhanced cash flow.

A New Moon in the same area of your chart on October 27 adds to the promise of money flowing your way. The problem this time? Uranus will oppose both of these events, making it likely that you'll make money, but it will slip through your fingers just as fast. Libra's keywords for October: parting ways, emotional, breakup, breakthrough, cash, unexpected money, unexpected expenses, increased income. Venus moves into your sign on October 8, giving you even more sexy vibes than usual.

You're not an easy lover to catch and, when you're truly interested in someone, you tend to put them through endless tests that they don't know anything about. With Venus in Libra, you should prioritise your health and well-being first, much like putting on your seatbelt before assisting others.


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