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As you stand in this gray area, you will learn a lot about yourself, your friends, your lovers, and your world. You absolutely love drama, Leo—that is, until it hits you where it really hurts: your fame, reputation, and popularity. Scorpio season is all about sorting through your finances and emotionally, your self-worth. However, today's full moon in Taurus finds you focused on your intimate relationships as a major climax pun intended takes place!

What's in the stars for you in October?

Aquarius October 12222 Horoscope: Love, Money & Career

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People born on this date seem to have two parallel lives, one in which anything is possible, and the other, limited by circumstances, systems and the collective thought. Incredible connections with others will be made by these individuals, in search for the right tribe to belong to on a shared mission to evolve. There are too many things that are experienced for the first time in lives of those born on this date, and their social circle will easily get overcrowded and burden their ease of movement. This is a time of new experiences and these individuals see life as an adventure, curious to find out what the next moment will bring.

The challenge is to set clear boundaries to others, especially in the physical world, so that their position can be as magnificent as they want it to be instead of peeking over someone's shoulder to observe and live their own life. Scorpios born on October 24th are on a path of discovering personal freedom and creating enough room in their social circles to breath and express their true nature.

Authentic and a bit eccentric in their inner world, they need to shine out towards others, without fear they will be judged, dismissed or tossed aside by anyone else. Self-acceptance goes hand in hand with the bravery to take responsibility for their position in the society, so they can shine brightly and spark the light in others so that everyone can evolve in their own footsteps. The rush of emotion when the Sun reaches the sign of Scorpio is vast and could easily make people born on October 24th obsessed with their love life and the sexual nature of their bonds.

Their need to explore takes them through ups and downs that might be a bit extreme, and their romances are never boring or lacking in contact. To not get too entangled and tied, they need to be free to live their life, socialize with their friends and have a personal foundation to fall back to if things go sour.

Weekly Horoscope - Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 7 - 13 October,

With a sense of security found in their own world, they set free to form a relationship with someone equal, who will respect them every step of the way. A person born on October 24th excels in all kinds of exploration and digging through things that others might frown upon. And be ready to think out of the box, and not let others' fear of change throw you off-course. Happily, the most playful and self-expressive part of your chart will begin to increasingly light up as the month unfolds, and fun is in your forecast.

October Pluto turning direct in your relationship angle on the 3rd means that you're leaving some kind of issue or shared problem behind, and can move forward towards a clearer future. Mars entering Libra on the 4th also stirs up changes at home while intensifying your stress level.

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Meanwhile, Venus in Scorpio after the 8th sweetens your love life, and the full Moon of the 13th draws attention your way. Left: Princess Diana. As maverick Uranus moves forward at your solar chart's zenith this month, an increasing urge to break free from restrictions and follow your own star is one of your storylines. Meanwhile, Mars in Libra also intensifies your urge to speak your mind.

Daily Horoscope: October 24, 2018

You appear to be entering a particularly upbeat period where personal and lifestyle issues are concerned, so go ahead and makes changes you've long considered, and open your mind and heart to those who matter the most. October You'll be able to make more progress with work-related plans after the 3rd, and to connect effectively with those whose support you need after the 4th. A brief delay near the 7th is all about bringing your goals into clearer focus.

On the 12th, Venus in opposition to individualistic Uranus is all about asserting your independence.

Planetary Row

The 14th is the moment to follow your hunches. Mercury in the sign of Scorpio accents your penchant for analytical thinking—and the more research you now do, the better the outcome of your current endeavors.

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Towards the end of the month, your clarity of mind and ability to state your purpose will set the stage for some stunning breakthroughs; you also appear to be leaving various financial issues behind. Be sure to make your best moves before the 31st, when Mercury moves out of phase. October Speculative and creative ventures are going to demand more scrutiny before you can move forward, so regard any difficult issues arising near the 7th as mere challenges and remain optimistic. Using charm, not force, is the formula for getting ahead now. And the full Moon of the 13th indicates that you'll get promising responses if you play your cards cautiously.

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