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Libras will work with concentration and relax with dedication. Some Libras do seek perfection, which can make life trying for those who live with them. Friendly, amiable and attractive, Libra individuals are also quite popular among their friends, more so because they tend to play able, trustworthy and balanced team strategists for their groups. They are artistic, easygoing, peaceable and they prize beauty and harmony! Lucky Color: Blue I like this color recommendation from Astrospeak : An airy sign, the day house of the gentle and benevolent venus, the right colour for this sign is Blue.

It is a colour that symbolises balance and harmony in all spheres of life. Libra is a sign of peace, harmony and symmetry and all that is aesthetic, good and beautiful.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Element : Air. Birthstones: The September birthstone is Sapphire.

Libra Weekly Horoscope From 24th June 2019 - Preview

October birthstones are Opal and Pink Tourmaline. It is good that it drops.

When one becomes a little alert, it drops… Only real relationships will remain and they are worth something. One need not have a crowd around oneself. A few deep intimate relationships are enough; they are really fulfilling.

November 4 Birthdays Astrology

Full Moon: 18th May in Scorpio. Moon in Cancer 8thth. Mars enters Cancer on 16th. Moon conjuncts Mars on 7th, Jupiter on 20th, Saturn on 22nd and Pluto on 23rd. Moon conjuncts Neptune on 27th, and Uranus on 3rd and 31st. The possessor is the possessed. And if you try to destroy the centre of the other, in the very effort your own centre will be destroyed.

Then there will be only the cyclone and no center. Be in the world and yet not in it. Moon in Leo 10thth. Major aspects for Leo : Sun trines Saturn on 11th, trines Pluto on 14th. Sun conjuncts Mercury on 21st. There is no problem — these are simple human moods. You are not super-human… you are trying but you are not yet, mm? Be human and accept all that is human; in absolute humanity, accept it. You would like to transcend it, but you cannot just jump out of it; it has to be worked out slowly. Maturity will come by and by through many crises, many conflicts, tensions and nightmares, through many times of going astray… Life is a crucible.

Mercury enters Gemini on 21st.

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Moon in Virgo 12thth. Major aspects for Virgo : Mercury conjuncts Uranus on 8th. Mercury trines Saturn on 16th and Pluto on 18th. Mercury squares Neptune on 30th. They never fall to the depth; they never rise to any heights.

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Their life is a dull affair, a drab thing, monotonous — with no peaks, no valleys, no nights, no days. They just live in a grey world, without colours… Never ask that life should be without risk, and never ask for security, because that is asking for death. Live dangerously — because that is the only way to live. Moon in Libra 14thth. Major aspects for Libra : Venus squares Saturn on 7th and Pluto on 8th.

Venus trines Jupiter on 8th and conjuncts Uranus on 18th. Once the mind knows that the decision is ultimate, final, suddenly you will find that the thinking and the fantasies disappear. Then there may be millions of people but there is no man except your lover; there is no woman except your beloved… Then love takes a deep jump into being… Every day more and more and higher and higher peaks will be available, but they are available only to those to whom love is a commitment.

Relevant Planetary Positions : Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Moon in Scorpio 16thth May.

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Full Moon in Scorpio on 18th. Moon in Scorpio conjuncts Pluto on 23rd. But have you observed — no creation is possible without destruction; no destruction is meaningful unless it is for creation. So now you can destroy if you are going to create, then there is no problem… Destruction is absorbed by the creation; then it is beautiful, then it is part of the creative process… When destruction claims that it is the whole then it is the devil; when destruction is part of a greater whole, creation, then it is divine.

Relevant Planetary Positions : Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius. Moon in Sagittarius 19thst. Major Aspects for Sagittarius : Mars opposes Jupiter on 5th. Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts Jupiter on 20th. You simply allow your total being to go into it. Moon in Capricorn 21strd May. Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Saturn on 22nd.